YFX Launches Official Cross-chain Bridge

2 min readJun 12, 2023


YFX is pleased to announce that YFX’s official cross-chain bridge is now live. Users can use YFX Cross-chain Bridge to move their YFX tokens from Heco, BSC, and Tron to Arbitrum One. YFX V3 will soon go live on Arbitrum. When launched, YFX token holders can stake YFX to earn a portion of transaction fees on YFX V3.

Currently, Gate.io has supported the deposit and withdrawal onto Arbitrum One.

YFX Cross-chain Bridge now only supports fund transfers from Heco to Arbitrum. Fund transfers from BSC and Tron to Arbitrum will be opened soon. From now on, YFX will no longer support perpetual contract trading on Heco.

How to use YFX Cross-chain Bridge

  1. Visit YFX Cross-chain Bridge at: https://yfx.com/bridge/#/en.
  2. Choose to move funds from Heco to Arbitrum and enter the amount of YFX tokens for the transfer (100–500,000). The service fee is 10 YFX.

3. Click “Transfer Funds” and approve in your wallet.

4. It usually takes 10 to 20 minutes for the cross-chain transfer to complete. Afterward, your wallet will receive the YFX tokens on Arbitrum One.

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