YFX Genesis Mining II Tutorial

  • The trade mining is divided into 30 blocks, each block is calculated independently and mined independently, if the total trading volume of the current block reaches the target trading volume of the current block, a new block will be opened, repeat until all blocks are generated.
  • When a new block is opened, the previous block will be settled. The total hash power of the previous block, my trading volume, my hash power, and my mining reward will be determined. At the start of the next block, the calculation will restart.
  • If at the end of the event, all blocks have not been mined, the system will settle the mining rewards according to the deadline of the event.
  • If the actual mining situation deviates significantly from the market, YFX will dynamically adjust the target trading volume of the block according to the market situation.
  • If the user’s trading volume exceeds the trading volume of the sixth tier, it will be calculated according to the trading power coefficient of the sixth tier.
  • At the beginning of each new block, the hashrate coefficient returns to the state of the first step.
  1. Please remind to use the invitation link to trade or you may not received invitation Hash Power.
  2. Your Hash Power for invitiation mining = Trade amount of invited friend * public chain patameter



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