Early this week YFX published a guide to get traders and liquidity providers ready for Genesis Mining II. We publish all of our written content on our Medium blog.

This article also covered in-depth our token distribution and the tokenomics of our YFX token. Since YFX tokens are not available on the market directly, participation in YFX events such as Genesis Mining II are the only way to get access to the tokens.

The week really got off to a great start with a lot of momentum that we never relinquished. YFX took First Prize at the Tron 2021 Global DeFi Hackathon and was recognized by Justin Son, Founder of Tron in a tweet on April 2nd. The YFX team is really proud of our representatives at the event that took home first place, congratulations to the YFX team and our community!

On April 2nd we joined xDAI and made a great integration in the process. We’re excited to be working with xDai which is helping to scale Ethereum. xDAI is a great integration for us since we want to keep our DEX running as optimally and with near zero fees. xDai makes the Ethereum network usable while the demand for transaction throughput on that chain increases and crypto gains in popularity.

This week YFX expanded overseas and added , Author of Blockchain: Project Renaissance Vol I and II to our staff. has contributed to numerous blockchain projects and news organizations throughout the world. He is a YFX Official KOL and we’re excited that he joined us to work towards building YFX into the primary juggernaut DEX and world’s number one choice.

On April 6, Genesis Mining II began and those that are extremely eager to get their hands on YFX tokens got started in the contest. Our Genesis Mining II competition was off and running and there are people participating all over the world.

It is quite amazing to see so much expansion so quickly in YFX trade volume. The above statistic shows how quickly YFX is growing in the DeFi community and becoming recognized as a worldwide player. Just this week on April 7, YFX posted a 12-hour trade volume greater than $1 billion U.S. dollars. This achievement also includes surpassing $10 million in liquidity and passing Uniswap during that duration.

On Wednesday the Certik security audit of YFX was verified and completed. YFX passed the audit and has been added to their list of clean audits or protocols that have been vetted and have a clean codebase and product.

If you haven’t yet checked out YFX on imToken Crypto Wallet we’re now LIVE on there. This went live on March 26 but I wanted to include it in this week’s wrap up since this is the first edition of the weekly wrap up. Shoutout to imToken and their wallet which is innovating for their customers.

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Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting the YFX community! The sun never sets on our progress now as we have representatives across the world working day and night to solve DeFi solutions to the legacy financial world. Everyone have a nice weekend!



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