YFX.COM Duo-Chain (BSC&Heco) Perpetual Contract Trading Competition+ Single Current Financial Management, Get 30,000 YFX Token Rewards

Event 1: BSC&Heco Duo-Chain Trading Competition

The reward of trading competition is 18,000 YFX.

Event Period: August 18th, 12:00(UTC) — August 30th, 12:00(UTC)


1. We will reward the top winning and top losing account with YFX token.

2. We only calculate open position during the event, and the number of positions ≥ 10.

3. The ranking is updated every minute.

4. Trading Pair:

Heco: BTC_USDT (USDT-settled)、ETH_USDT (USDT-settled)、BTC_USDT (YFX-settled)

BSC: BTC_USDT(USDT-settled)、ETH_USDT (USDT-settled)

5. Rank( YFX):

1st place: 3,000

2nd place: 2,000

3rd place: 1,000

4–30th : 100 each

31–100th : 50 each

Last place: 1,000

2nd last: 800

3rd last: 500

4–38th last: 100 each

Event 2: Single Current Financial Management

The reward of Single Current Financial Management is 12,000 YFX.

Event period:August 18th, 12:00(UTC) — August 30th, 12:00(UTC)


1. Staking token: YFX

2. Reward token: YFX

3. Lock-up period: no lock-up, deposit and withdrawal as required

4. Total output: 12,000YFX

5. Daily output: total output/days

6. Staking funds: the total amount of YFX staked by the current mining pool

7. Interest calculation time: After the event starts, the income will be calculated immediately after depositing

Note: YFX.COM reserves the right to explain this event and YFX.COM has the right to cancel the reward of the cheating address.

YFX official contact information:

Web: https://www.yfx.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YFX_Defi


Telegram: https://t.me/YFX_EN

Discord: https://discord.gg/xwAtjpabC5

E-mail: Contact@yfx.com




DEX offer 100x trading leverage at yfx.com

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DEX offer 100x trading leverage at yfx.com

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