DeFi Perpetual Contracts Trading Platform YFX.COM Completed Multi-million Dollar Funding

DeFi perpetual contracts trading platform YFX.COM completed multi-million dollar funding after the completion of strategic investments from NGC, SNZ, DFG and so on.

DeFi cross-chain decentralized perpetual contracts trading platform YFX.COM announced that it has completed a multi-million dollar round funding from OKEx Blockdream Ventures, PrimeBlock Ventures(MXC Labs), Labs, LD Capital, PetRock Capital, True Edge Capital, R8 Capital, ArkStream Capital, CryptoJ, 7 O’Clock Capital, Phoenix VC, NewTribe Capital, Vega Ventures, 499Block, Jackdaw Capital, Honglian Capital and others. YFX.COM expresses that it will soon announce IDO details about YFX token.

Since January 2021, YFX.COM has launched on ETH (layer2), BSC, Heco, Tron mainnet and OKExChain testnet, which can provide up to 100x perpetual contracts to trade BTC, ETH and other assets. Also YFX.COM has passed the smart contract security audit from CertiK several times, and completed its decentralized trading platform deployment.

About YFX

YFX.COM is a cross-chain decentralized perpetual contract platform based on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Ecological Chain, TRON, OKEx public chain, and Polkadot. It provides up to 100 times the perpetual contract trading BTC, ETH and other assets. Different from the common automatic market maker model (AMM), YFX.COM adopts the QIC-AMM market maker pool trading method to provide users with high liquidity and low trading slippage. YFX.COM has successfully supported layer2’s perpetual contract trading function. YFX.COM’s goal is to build a DEX that can compete with CEXs on the derivatives trading track.

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DEX offer 100x trading leverage at

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DEX offer 100x trading leverage at

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