Apply for YFX V4 Genesis Referral Nodes and Win 1 Million YFX Tokens

4 min readApr 29, 2024

To celebrate the official launch of YFX V4 and the transition into a community-driven decentralized perpetual exchange. YFX will open an application portal to all genesis users for referral nodes. The total number of the nodes is limited to 100 and all the nodes will be assigned a referral code with up to 70% rebates for each node and 20% discount for their referred traders. All the referral nodes can receive real-time fee rebates and share 1 million YFX token rewards in a limited time.

Application Requirements:

1. Eligible Applicants include: Community Leaders, Youtubers, TikTok Creators, Instagram Creators, Article Writers, Price Tracking Websites, Crypto Wallets, Navigation Websites, Press Media, etc.

2. Total followers or users across all platforms >=10,000

3. Experience collaborating with other Perpetual/DeFi projects, priority given to those who participated in Affiliate Programs

4. Total Spot for referral nodes: 100

YFX Will Provide:

1. 70% rebate for referral node & 20% discount for referred traders, with real-time rebates to wallets after each referred trader trade.

2. Depending on the trading volume that each node and their referred traders contribute to YFX, all the nodes will be able to share a prize pool with 1,000,000 YFX tokens.

3. Joint promotion to expand community influence, and display of genesis nodes on the community page.

How to apply:

* Follow @YFX_COM and retweet the event tweet, or write an article for YFX, or create a video related to YFX, etc.

* Fill out our application form:

* After the launch of YFX V4, create a referral code in V4 (V3 and V4 referral codes are not interchangeable, cannot apply for a V3 code), and send your code by email to

* Wait for YFX to adjust the rebate coefficient and receive a notification email.

Introduction of YFX Referral System

In the referral system of YFX, once an inviter-invitee relationship is established, the transaction fee rebate is credited to the inviter’s wallet in real time after each invitee’s transaction is confirmed on the chain. The inviter can get 1 URP token (USD Referral Points) for every 1 USD traded by the invitees. There are eight tiers of transaction fee rebates and discounts. When the inviter’s URP accumulates to a certain amount, users can burn URP tokens to move up a tier.

1,000,000 YFX Token Prize Pool:

To further incentive the 100 referral nodes, from May 8th to July 30th , a total prize pool with 1,000,000 YFX Tokens will be shared by all the genesis referral nodes according to the trading volume contributed by each node and their referred traders.

About YFX V4

YFX is a leading decentralized perpetual protocol that began in 2020. After three years and four versions of iterations, YFX has transitioned to a community-based. Currently, the project is co-managed by a community geek representative, 0xEuler, along with several developers from the technical community. The restructured YFX team, based on the current market demand for decentralized perpetual contracts, has launched the brand new V4 version. The design of the V4 version will greatly enhance the capital utilization rate and system fairness of the YFX protocol.

Building on the current Perpetual Protocol market, YFX V4 offers the most comprehensive solution with lowest cost, providing traders and makers with the most convenient, capital-efficient, and profitable trading platform. Both traders and makers can use a leverage up to 200x for in YFX V4, significantly increasing the capital efficiency within the system. Also the Premium Index and Market Price are introduced to balance long and short positions. In the new earning system and referral system, users can earn YFX tokens with lowest cost and enjoy commissions with up to 75% rebate rate.

Key Features of YFX V4:

Leading protocol

YFX first launched the PvPool trading mechanism in 2021, allowing traders and liquidity pools to trade directly, and it has been widely adopted by today’s mainstream Perpetual protocols.

Single Asset Pool

Liquidity providers can add or remove liquidity for linear (USD-Based) and inverse (Coin-Based) contracts to or from single-asset pools with no impermanent loss.

Maximized Capital Efficiency

YFX V4 introduces Leveraged Liquidity Pool (LLP) , enabling liquidity providers to provide liquidity with up to 100x Leverage and maximize the capital efficiency.


In YFX V4, a new LP Balance Automated Market Maker (LPB-AMM) mechanism is introduced, where the depth of users’ trades is determined by the LP’s Balance. The greater the LP Balance, the better the trading depth for users; conversely, the lesser the LP Balance, the poorer the trading depth.

Diverse Earning System

YFX V4 introduces a brand-new earning system, where users can earn YFX tokens and enjoy high rewards through actions such as trading, holding positions, adding liquidity, and referral.

MPC Wallet

YFX V4 supports MPC (Multi-Party Computation) wallets, enabling users to log into their wallet systems using Email, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and other accounts, significantly lowering the barrier for users to utilize DeFi products.

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