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In accordance with the YFX.COM whitepaper, we have completed our 3rd YFX token burn, the number of burnt was 1.61 million YFX, including 1.01million on heco and 0.6 million on BSC.

For more info on the YFX Burn:

YFX Burn Txid on heco:
YFX Burn Txid on BSC:


1. YFX.COM has started to officially join the BSC MVB III program.

2. The event of “YFX.COM Duo-Chain (BSC&Heco) Perpetual Contract Trading Competition+ Single Current Financial Management, Get 30,000 YFX Token Rewards” is over. Congratulations to those who have been rewarded!

3. YFX.COM sponsored the LP campaign held by…

Event 1: BSC&Heco Duo-Chain Trading Competition

The reward of trading competition is 18,000 YFX.

Event Period: August 18th, 12:00(UTC) — August 30th, 12:00(UTC)


1. We will reward the top winning and top losing account with YFX token.

2. We only calculate open position during the event, and the number of positions ≥ 10.

3. The ranking is updated every minute.

4. Trading Pair:


DEX offer 100x trading leverage at yfx.com

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